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Cryotherapy Pricing in Overland Park near Kansas City

Below you can find our pricing for InstaSculpt, Cryotherapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Compression Therapy, and more!

InstaSculpting Instant Results

15-Minute Consultation FREE
Single Treatment
6 Pack
8 Pack
10 Pack

Now Offering Monthly Memberships!

Don't worry, we won't lock you into a confusing contract. We want to reward your consistency and commitment to your health!

  • Auto-Renew monthly payments
  • Cancel at any time with a one-week notice
  • Unused sessions can roll over to the next month*

Cryotherapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Infrared Sauna + Red Light Therapy (Interchangeable)*

Monthly Auto-Renew 6 Pack*
Monthly Auto-Renew 8 Pack*
Monthly Auto-Renew 12 Pack*
Monthly Auto-Renew Unlimited (Sauna, Compression, Cryo)**

*Upon discontinuing membership, unused services will last up to 30 days.

** Unlimited package please           limit to one Cryo a day.

Cryotherapy, Cold Laser Therapy, Infrared Sauna + Red Light Therapy (Interchangeable)

New Client Single Session  
Full-Body Single Session
6 Pack
8 Pack
12 Pack
3 -pack New Client Cryo, Sauna + Compression Combo $60.00

NormaTec Compression Therapy

Single Session
Unlimited Monthly Autopay w/ Pack
Unlimited Monthly Autopay

Assisted and Dynamic Stretching Coach

Sample Session (15 minutes)
Single Session  (30 minutes)
Single Session  (45 Minutes) $65.00
includes upper body

Additional Services

Physical Therapy
Assisted Stretching
Email: Rob Garza
Chiropractic Care
Email: Sam Nave

What is In the Zone Cryo + Health Upgrades?

In The Zone Cryo + Health Upgrades offers cryotherapy in Overland Park near Kansas City.

In short, cryotherapy is an easy three-minute cold therapy that benefits the body's overall health. For instance, cryotherapy improves sleep, boosts the immune system, and burns calories.

Additionally, we have an array of clinically proven health services for clients to experience improved well-being. Experience services such as a relaxing red light therapy sauna, compression therapy, cold laser therapy, Stretch and Flexibility Coach, physical therapy, aesthetics, Chiropractic Care, and more.

One of our most popular services is InstaSculpting by InstaSculpting KC. This service eliminates unwanted fat in addition to tightening skin instantly and pain-free.

For more information about pricing, click here. To schedule an appointment, call or text 913-208-4859. Alternatively, visit In the Zone Cryo + Health Upgrades at 7102 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210.

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