Golf Yoga in Overland Park

In the Zone Cryo + Health Upgrades is fortunate to have a certified instructor for Fit Golf Yoga in Overland Park. If you've been looking for that secret ingredient to help improve your golf game, then Yoga for Golfers® is for you. This training and methodology is scientifically-proven & globally-recognized.

  • For All Ages
  • Achieve Body Symmetry, Balance, & Alignment Through The Swing to Increase Power
  • Minimizes Discomforts & Risk Of Injury.
  • Quiet The Mind & Focus On Breathing
  • Play Better, Longer, & With More Confidence
  • Enhance Flexibility & Core Development
  • Improve Mobility, Strength, Power, & Endurance.

Additional Benefits

Improve Your Game 

Golf Yoga focuses on the mental and physical aspects of the swing. By improving flexibility, mobility, and strength, players reduce their risk of injury or fatigue and can play longer, stronger, and more confidently.

This proprietary methodology instructs and trains golfers on the biomechanics of the body specifically as it relates to each of the three primary planes of motion through each stage of the golf swing.

But it isn't just for golfers! "Swingers" of all types -- baseball, softball, and tennis players -- can all benefit from Golf Yoga in Overland Park.

The benefits of Yoga for Golfers include:

  • Increased Balance
  • Improved Swing Mechanics
  • Flexibility & Rotation
  • Stronger Core
  • More Intentional & Dynamic Movements
  • Connecting Mind & Body
  • Muscle Conditioning
  • Increased Power
  • Achieve Focus & Relaxation
  • No Previous Yoga Experience Required

Your safety and peace of mind is our #1 priority.

We are 100% committed to ensuring a clean environment so you can enjoy your experience with peace of mind. We have built-in safety measures that are compliant with current covid guidelines, and thoroughly sanitize all service products with the most effective FDA approved UV Disinfectant Wand.

Meet The Trainer: Joni Van Horn

For more than 18 years, Joni has successfully transformed the lives of her clients by empowering them with health improvement tools compatible to their lifestyle.

For the past 5 years she has been Loch Lloyd Country Club's exclusive golf conditioning trainer. 

Along with her extensive knowledge on total body and mind wellness, she brings her authenticity, nurturing spirit and positive energy to clients of all ages.

She is a Level 2 - Yoga for Golfers Certified Instructor. Helping to keep you at the top of your game!

Affordable & Effective

Our mission is to provide our clients affordable, innovative, and effective services that support the body's natural healing process. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our local community by spreading improved health, overall wellness, and positivity.

Heal Better, Feel Better, Look Better, Perform Better.


Fit Golf Yoga has been a game changer. Before starting the program, my knees hurt and after just a few sessions, the pain went away and I felt stronger and more flexible.

- Jim T.

I’m a 64 year old gal doing yoga moves for the first time and with Joni’s guided instruction, I am making progress! I originally signed up to improve my golf swing, and I was surprised that my chronic forearm pain and neuroma's  have disappeared.

- Sue T.

Joni’s approach to fitness is refreshing. Given it is “Fit Golf Yoga”, we start each session stretching with a golf club followed by a mix of golf specific cardio, strength, and yoga stretches. My knees used to ache going up and downstairs. No more! We are stronger, leaner, and happier as a result. It works!

- Annie P. & Jay S.


Your Greatest Wealth Is Your Health

Golf Yoga in Overland Park for increased mobility, strength, power and endurance

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